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Preschoolers learn gymnastics skills using preschool equipment and the "big kid" equipment.  These classes are designed to create a fun, safe and challenging environment for your child filled with obstacle courses, learning stations, fitness and gymnastics.  While gymnastics is the primary focus of the class, special attention is placed on skills needed for Kindergarten as well as basic sports readiness.

Tiny Turtles ~ 2 year olds ~ 30 min class ~ $49/month

Mighty Minnows ~ 3 year olds ~ 45 min class ~ $71/month


Jumping Jellyfish ~ 4 year olds ~ 55 min class ~ $90/month


​Swinging Seahorses ~ 5 year olds ~ 55 min class ~ $90/month

***Parent/Guardian must stay onsite during the class***

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