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Legacy Gymnastics offers recreational classes for girls & boys ages 6-18. 

Our Recreational students are placed into classes based on skill and gender.  Legacy's curriculum is taught on a continuum, allowing students to move at their own pace, advancing on the events on which they are ready.  Monthly evaluations are low stress and allow the coaches to track the students progress awarding them with ribbons & medals at our awards ceremony every 8 weeks.  Progression to the next level is achieved when all skills from the previous level are accomplished.  

If a child has prior gymnastics experience, we will place them in an appropriate class and the coach will then evaluate your child to ensure a permanent class placement.

Recreational Classes - $90/month

SeaStars (girls) 

Beginner ~ 55 min class


Beg/Int ~ 55 min class


Int/Adv~ 55 min class


Advanced ~ 2 hour class 

SeaRays (boys)​

Sea Rays ~ 55 min class

Tramp & Tumble (co-ed)

Beginner ~ 55 min class


Intermediate ~ 55 min class


Advanced ~ 55 min class

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